Salah El Din Village

Location and its features

  • The village had honored the opening of the President of the Republic in July 1996
  • The village is located on the beach of the Gulf of Aqaba in Taba face Pharaoh Island, which includes the castle of Salah al-Din
  • Just 7m on the Taba outlet and Cairo 430 km and Sharm el-Sheikh 200 km and Catherine 190 km and a tunnel Martyr Ahmed Hamdi 300 km
  • The site is along the beach 1500 m2 and facing the island of pharaoh (Castle Salahuddin) and limits of the 3 countries (Saudi Arabia - Jordan - Palestine)

Land Area

  • The Site rich of coral reef Specialty Lodging and Can add the recreational activities and many installations can also be used on site who maximize Safari tourism
  • The total area of the project: 189,000 m2